About Us

I grew up in a city renowned for its delectable cuisine. Food artisans were around every corner of the old souks. They mastered the art of food and maintained traditions of the making.

People would come from across the country to taste Arabic Sweets from street vendors or to buy Soaps from the Historical Khan, even to shop for Zaatar, Spices or Nuts, Orange Blossom Water... and many other natural products.

I wanted to pay tribute to those skillful food artisans who worried about nothing but perfecting their crafts, for the good people who gave us their best and shared love with every bite they produced, I wanted to pay them tribute by showcasing their products to the world, to the Lebanese expatriates who miss the authentic taste of Baklava, Ghazl el Banat, Zaatar, Kishk, Olive oil and more. I wanted to offer the world a chance to share the same passion we have, the same tastes we enjoy... 

Because of their devotion, the Lebanese cuisine has gained an international standing for unparalleled quality and unmatched taste.

“Min Lubnan”, which literally means “From Lebanon”, is not only an online shopping platform but rather a unique food exhibition where we shed a light on the hidden gems of our country.

We support food artisans by connecting them to the world. We put our expertise in online shopping, marketing, packaging along with competitive shipping rates to build this connection. 

How do we process your order?

The minute we receive your order, we call one of our trusted suppliers to provide us with your ordered products or we head down directly to the market to buy it on your behalf and make sure the freshest batches are yours! Just like you handpicking products from the local stores.

We check the packaging of the items, sometimes we repack them into smaller or lighter packages or slightly reduce the weight to minimize the shipping cost for you. Of course where applicable, without affecting the hygiene or quality of the product.

Once ready, we call one of our express shipping partners and schedule a pickup. You will be notified by e-mail with a tracking number as soon as the products are shipped.

Delivery might take up to 8 business days but mostly 3-5 business days!

That's it! Enjoy authentic Lebanon wherever you are.


P.S. If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, simply e-mail us with your desired item including a short description and we will try to find it and ship it to you.

Our current range of products includes bakalava, chocolate (seasonal, in mild weather), dried fruits, nuts, delights and everyday products such as coffee, halawa, zaatar, molasses, tahini and more.


Ship More to Save More (Rates are subject to change in the current situation. Please review the rates at checkout before proceeding to payment)

P.S. Minimum shipping weight is 1kg or 2.2lb. The second Kg is usually the cheapest. For example, if 1kg is shipped for 35USD, 2kg are shipped for 38USD i.e the second Kg is almost free and the shipping cost per each kg becomes 19USD.

We currently cover Australia, USA, Canada, part of Europe and the Arab world.