Delivery Policy

All orders will be shipped within 48 hours from ordering date (unless stated otherwise during special events). Shipping costs for your order are non-refundable and are based on the weight of the items you order fully packed and your location.

P.S. Minimum shipping weight is 1kg or 2.2lb. The second Kg is usually the cheapest. For example, if 1kg is shipped for 35USD, 2kg are shipped for 38USD i.e the second Kg is almost free and the shipping cost per each kg becomes 19USD.

UPS or DHL will deliver your order door to door within 5-7 business days from pickup date. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, value added tax, customs duties and excise duties and clearance requirements. MinLubnan has no jurisdiction or foreknowledge over any surcharge fee that might impose by customs.

If there is any damage to the items that you ordered for delivery, you must contact us within 5 days of receiving your order and provide us with clear proof of the damage.

Kindly acknowledge that we act as a third party that collects the products from the market on your behalf, just like you shopping around the supermarket or local stores and therefore any complaint related to the quality of the product will be redirected to the manufacturer or the brand owner. We do not own any of these brands and therefore we cannot be held responsible for quality issues. 

Simultaneously, if you order Arabic sweets and bakery products of a delicate and fragile nature such as baklawa, barazek, semsmiyeh, kaak... please understand that products of artisanal nature are subject to cracking or splitting but this does not affect the taste or the quality. 

We do our best to pack the products in the most appropriate way without exceeding the unit weight to avoid shipping surcharge and we will follow up on your complaints with the courier or the manufacturer of the product, however, we are not directly responsible to compensate for any dissatisfaction related to the above-listed conditions.

Kindly note that our prices are in USD.