1- What are your shipping rates?

We offer very competitive shipping rates that decrease with volume. Rate vary between countries so please review your payment information at checkout.

P.S. Minimum shipping weight is 1kg or 2.2lb. The second Kg is usually the cheapest. For example, if 1kg is shipped for 35USD, 2kg are shipped for 38USD i.e the second Kg is almost free and the shipping cost per each kg becomes 19USD.

2- Who is your carrier?

We ship via UPS and DHL depending on the destination in order to give the better rates.

3- Where do you deliver?

We are currently delivering the Australia, USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan, France, Germany and Fiji. We will add new destination as soon as we become ready to serve additional countries.

4- Is there a minimum and maximum quantity to order?

Not at all, you can ship as little as 1kg and as much as 50kg and more (as long as you are familiar with your customs requirements, sometimes large quantities above 50kg requires import permit.)

Please note that the EU countries are only allowed to ship a maximum of 4kg per single shipment. 3kg per single shipment is advisable.

5- Which payment method do you accept?

We accept online payments only including PayPal.

6- What is your payment gateway and how secure is it?

We collect payments through 2CO (please check 2checout.com) which is an international payment service that is 100% secure. Upon reaching the payment stage you will be redirected to 2CO payment page to complete your purchase.

7- Net weight VS Gross weight

Because shipping companies charge by kilograms/volume, any product weight will be calculated including all packaging related. 1kg includes the real product, the outer pack and the box. Otherwise, if the shipping weight is exceeded you will be charged an additional kilogram and this is what we make sure it doesn't happen.

8 - Do you deliver chocolate?

Knowing that a few dare to sell chocolate online, we took the challenge and created a thermal bag that saves the product from the outside temperature. However, chocolate can only be shipped between November and April when the weather conditions permit.

9 - I want the original pack!

We do the repacking for specific products for the purpose of increasing protection or to save on packaging weight thus shipping cost. If you wish to receive with the original package (chocolate in particular) please mention this in the comment box on the checkout page.